Utility Monopolies = Higher Energy Rates

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Wisconsin businesses and families will see higher bills. Tell Legislators to stop ROFR legislation.

Senate Bill 481/470 Right of First Refusal (ROFR) legislation creates barriers to entry and locks in monopoly control of electric transmission construction. This means that any company not already providing transmission services in the state will be blocked from competing for construction of new regional transmission lines.

Eliminating competition leads to increased costs for businesses and families, while eliminating the benefits of cost caps and schedule commitments that free market competition brings.

Simply put, Wisconsin families and businesses cannot afford this burden. Without competition, unnecessary additional costs are passed to families and businesses; and manufacturers who want to expand and grow our state's economy will be hurt. Wisconsin needs to keep all tools for reducing rates and keeping energy affordable for all families.

We encourage you to email your legislator by filling out the information and tell them to stop harmful ROFR legislation and keep energy affordable to Wisconsinites.

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