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We all know America isn't reaching its full potential

What will you do about that?

Inflation keeps hurting Americans at the supermarket, millions of American students are falling behind in reading and mathematics, 47% of Americans find it difficult to cover healthcare costs, and a majority of Americans are pessimistic about politics right now.

It’s really frustrating.

But there are only two ways you can respond:

1) Continue to be frustrated by the politicians in Washington and Jefferson City, or

2) Get up and do something about it by joining Americans for Prosperity - Missouri (AFP-MO)

AFP Missouri is the premier grassroots organization transforming policy in this state.  Americans for Prosperity has saved taxpayers billions of dollars, stopped special interests and corruption, and given Americans more personal options in health care.

Now, in 2023, AFP’s unmatched grassroots capability (activists based out of 145 offices in 36 states) will play a vital role in identifying the issues that matter most to people and connecting them to principled policy solutions. We will continue to build out our grassroots army of advocates and prepare us to engage together in 2023 and 2024.

Americans for Prosperity - Missouri is committed to changing the trajectory of our state and country toward one guided by core American principles.

We will help reignite the American Dream and unleash prosperity for all.

To do that, we need leaders who will turn the page on today’s broken politics and fulfill America’s promise.

And to do that?

We need you.

Will you step up?

Our summer schedule of National Days of Action is already set: May 20th, June 24th, July 29th, August 26th, and September 30th. Join us for one or all to help Save America and Reignite the American Dream.

Please raise your hand by signing up below.  

Then a fellow freedom-loving Missourian from your local AFP chapter will contact you about getting involved in our next National Day of Action.