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Americans for Prosperity Oklahoma works to better communities by empowering people, working to remove the barriers that stand in the way of living their best, most productive lives.

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1. What 3 issues facing the state of Oklahoma concern you the most?  (required)

2. Oklahoma’s effective personal income tax rate is 4.75%. Yet we rank 35th when it comes to tax collections from individuals.  Of the following issues, which action would you prefer be taken by the state legislature?  (required)

3. If the legislature chose to do away with the state income tax, it could initially reduce state tax collections by over $3 billion. Of the following options, how would you prefer the legislature offset this cost, if at all?  (required)

4. Oklahoma has historically had affordable energy rates? Do you believe Oklahoman’s are paying too much for energy and would you oppose efforts to increase taxes and regulation on Oklahoma energy?  (required)

5. Which 2 issues facing the United States concerns you the most?  (required)

6. What is Oklahoma's biggest strength  (required)

7. Last Question: Do you believe that America's best days are ahead of us?  (required)