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1. After running billion-dollar surpluses the last several years, the Utah Legislature cut the income tax by $200 million this year, allowing hardworking Utahns to keep more of their paycheck. Do you support these cuts?  (required)

2. This year the Utah Legislature passed the Utah Fits All Scholarship, which will allow parents to use the tax dollars designated for their child to choose the best educational opportunities that fit their child’s unique needs, including home school, private school, or other options. Do you support this policy?  (required)

3. When you think about Washington DC and the current direction of the country, do you think we’re headed in the right or wrong direction?  (required)

4. Do you believe that fixing the economy should be the top priority for congress and the President?  (required)

5. If the 2024 Republican Presidential primary were held today, who would you be most likely to support?  (required)

6. Would you be interested in attending events to learn more about our work in the future?  (required)