Unleash Energy Kansas! Survey

Make Your Voice Heard On Kansas's High Energy Rates!

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Make Your Voice Heard!
1. Ratepayers often are put on the hook for sweetheart backroom deals such as the one Governor Kelly made with Panasonic. Do you think your family should have to foot the bill for backroom deals made in Topeka?  (required)

2. One company is actively trying to strengthen their monopoly on energy in Kansas by kicking out other companies who bid on transmission projects and grid addition. Do you think only one company should be able to have the rights over energy in Kansas and eliminate all other competition?  (required)

3. Kansans pay more than 13% higher costs for energy than our neighbors in Missouri. Energy rates are a significant part of family budgets and business decisions for job creators. Do you think the legislature should make significant policy changes to allow more energy companies to serve Kansans to help lower rates through competition?  (required)

4. State level utility reform is necessary to unleash energy abundance but policies working around the edges aren't enough. Do you think the Kansas Corporation Commission members should be elected instead of appointed in order to meaningfully increase accountability for their decisions to ratepayers?  (required)

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