We're Hiring Montana!

Join the Fight for Freedom, Opportunity, and Prosperity in Montana as a Grassroots Associate

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We're Hiring Montana!
1. Have you heard of Americans For Prosperity?  (required)

2. Do you have any experience canvassing or going door-to-door (Ex: politics/elections, church, sales, fundraising, etc.)? If no, do you have any specific work experience and skills that you think can be transferable  (required)

3. The following, are the job requirements: ability to walk 5-7 miles per shift, and in adverse weather conditions, ability to talk to people you don’t know, ability to work 18 hours per week, reliable form of transportation. Do you understand and fulfill these job requirements?  (required)

4. Do you have an interest in working a full 40 hours per week?  (required)

5. Are you concerned about the direction that our country is going?  (required)

6. What issue are you most concerned about?  (required)

7. If the Republican Primary for US Senate were being held today, whom would you support?  (required)

8. Which Montana Politician do you most admire?  (required)

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