Utility Monopolies = Higher Energy Rates

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Utilities Continue to Pursue Anti-Competition Legislation in Wisconsin

$1.5 BILLION in rate hikes have been awarded to utility companies since 2019 by the Wisconsin Public Service Commission, $260 million alone for 2024. 

Now, utilities in Wisconsin are asking the legislature to pass Senate Bill 481 & Assembly Bill 470, Right of First Refusal (ROFR), which eliminates competitive bidding on large scale electric transmission lines.  

By eliminating competition, you eliminate the benefits of cost caps and schedule commitments that free market competition brings. This means higher utility bills for businesses and families across Wisconsin. 
Simply put, Wisconsin families and businesses cannot afford this burden.  
We encourage you to email your legislator by filling out the information and tell them to stop harmful ROFR legislation and keep energy affordable to Wisconsinites. 

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